Changes to COVID-19 rules as from 13th may 2020

Changes to the playing arrangements during the COVID-19 period as from Monday 13th July

Social Evenings:

The Monday and Thursday evenings will be increased to a maximum of 24 players, with a pod of 6 players assigned to each court. The sessions will consist of 8 games with sudden death on second deuce, men serve to men, ladies serve to ladies, if all ladies or all men then receivers choose who receives. The sessions will start at 6.30 pm sharp for the first nominated 2 pairs, the 3rd pair nominated by Tim in the Whatsapp groupings need to be ready to play at 7.10 pm. These pairings then swap throughout the evening so each player has a minimum of 16 games during the whole session.

Arranged play during the day:

These hourly sessions must still be booked through the website, but courts must be vacated 5 minutes before the next allotted slot, so a bit more playing time within each session.

The courts will be entered from the main clubhouse entrance and tennis club room. Therefore the person on the 1st session each day must open up the Tennis room and leave door open as well as opening up the external doors to the court and leave open. Then open padlock on the gate to the courts and leave open, All surfaces must be sprayed and wiped with the cleaning materials on the main table within the clubhouse. This is essential so that during the day other people do not have to touch any surfaces in getting to the courts to play

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