The Club will be open from 9.00am to 8.30pm ( last booking 7.30pm) , courts must be booked by members using the website booking system.

Permitted Play:

Doubles and Singles will be allowed up to a maximum of 6 per court.

Up to 6 on a court from different households. 

Players not adhering strictly to the above face a club ban.


Booking Period:

You can book courts on the booking engine from 9am-7.30pm

However, access to the courts is subject to the main car park gates being opened for access to the site. The Site Manager reserves the right to open up late or close early or to stay closed at short notice. Should you turn up and not be able to enter the site, then you cannot play. We will endeavour to keep you informed in advance as much as possible but we cannot guarantee to do so.



Access will be via the side gate


The last person to leave the courts MUST lock the court gate padlock & the side gate padlock.

Should anybody find the Side Gate open on arrival, you MUST report immediately to Pete, Paul, Tim or Nigel by WhatsApp.

This is a MAJOR SECURITY concern so everyone must be vigilant. Should the last player/players leave the site without locking up, they face a club ban.


The floodlights for the  club  sessions ( £1  per sessions) 


Hand Sanitiser:

Please use on arrival and departure. The external hand sanitisers will be checked regularly. Please report to Paul, Pete, Tim or Nigel should you see them running low.



The Chairman.



UPDATE: 6th July 2021

  • Following  Government announcment on 5th July these protocolas will be updated fully after the official announcement on 19th July 2021.   

  •  Please visit the following websites to see latest COVID-19 guidance in place until the official announcement  on 19th July:

  • ( Coronavirus Latest Advice 2021)

  • ( when to self-isolate and what to do - Coronavirus(COVID-19)          

  • DO NOT come to the club unless you have booked a court,  Anybody turning up unannounced will be turned away to ensure the club do not have anybody waiting off court.

  • DO NOT play or enter the courts if you are in an ‘at risk’ group. Consult LTA guidance at for more info. 

  • DO NOT come to the club if you feel unwell & show any potential COVID signs (refer to for guidance). 

  • Avoid social gatherings before or after a game & maintain 1+ METRES from others AT ALL TIMES

  • Access to the courts will be via  the  side gate only be for those that have pre-booked a court.

  • DO NOT touch any gates when entering the Richings Park Leisure Complex & the courts. If you touch anything by accident, apply anti-bacterial hand sanitizer immediately.

  • Please bring your own water bottle & ensure it is filled up at home.

  • Wash your hands before you travel to play and once you return home. 

  • Players are to have their own supply of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer with them at the courts to use immediately after play or after touching any shared surfaces. There are sanitizer units on the Tennis club walls for players use.

  • Personal items (racket bags, water, clothes etc.) must NOT be left around the net area.  All such items must be kept at the back of the court. Please ensure you remove all items when exiting the court.

  • Players much change ends CLOCKWISE & maintain the 1+ metre rule strictly.

  • DO NOT touch the net, its handle or adjust the height of the net. The nets have been set to the correct height.

  • Avoid touching your face AT ALL TIMES and all physical contact during play with the net or fencing

  • DOUBLES AND SINGLES is  now permitted. HOWEVER, you must adhere to the 1+m rule unless it is someone from your own household.

  • Balls from other courts MUST be kicked back. DO NOT handle balls from other courts.

  • Do not shake hands when greeting players or on completing play.

  • Please adhere to any court markings for both arriving & departing.

Thank you for your co-operation and support during this time.

Paul Flatman 

(The Chairman)